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Trapp_Opticians_cloth_side1.ai_Page_1Founded in 1945, our services fulfill your eye care needs completely.

The finest lens manufacturers worldwide provide your prescription with perfect vision, through thin, lightweight and durable lenses. Progressive lenses, digitally surfaced, are custom ground for your choice of frames. All glare and harmful rays are absorbed before they interfere with your best sight! You do not have to compromise your vision; instead, you can enjoy the best vision available today with our selection of lenses.

We make eyeglasses of lightweight, invisible and durable frames that change the way you look, as well as the way you see! Rimless eyewear is so lightweight that your glasses feel better than ever before. Our frame collection is among the largest in the Tri-state area. We offer the finest choices among the best of pricing options. Get Excited! It’s about your look in fashion frames. Our children’s collections offer strong, popular and fashionable designs as well as a large selection of sports/ safety frames for your active children.

We accept many medical plans for examination of your eyes. We also fit a wide array of contact lenses. Call our locations to discuss your needs and you can arrange an eye exam appointment with our experienced doctors of optometry.

Additional services from Trapp Optical:
Direct shipment/ telephone and internet ordering:
Your contact lens prescriptions are easily refilled.
Home/hospital visits:
Our staff opticians often will make hospital/ nursing home visits to assist patients who are non-ambulatory.
Eyeglasses and contact lenses with a personal touch

like us at trappoptical

like us at trappoptical